A Ten-Week Update on Life in Zagreb!

Traveling Newbies | Ten Weeks Abroad

So you know I was in sales for five years, right? Numbers can be fun. Did you know that Bret and I are now 10% through with our first international post? It's true!

At the ten week mark, here are a few updates to share:

  • I finally have a car to drive! Yes, if it is easier I will stay take the bus and if we will be drinking we will take Uber, but I LOVE having wheels again.
  • I have my first cold. Tight chest, throat scratchy... It is not a full-blown cold, and if I am lucky it is just a response to the changing weather. But I had soup for lunch and am drinking tea now just in case.
  • Many people have asked me about taking English lessons. I am currently working at the French-German school and giving one-on-one lessons to a retired professor, but I am also looking into ways to capitalize on this demand online. Help more people in less time no matter the distance? Sounds like a winner.
  • I have been taking family portraits! At an event last weekend, I offered to take a few portraits in order to share with others what my photography looks like. It is hard to trust a newbie, so I thought it would be nice to add a bit of value first.
  • For the first time, I was able to stream a Chiefs game and message my dad while watching it! This has been our tradition for years, and it felt nice to have it back.

A few things that I REALLY miss about home:

  • Fast food at every corner. No, it's not healthy eating, but I am constantly on the run and it would be nice to occasionally have the chance to drop by a drive-thru.
  • Department stores and mass merchandisers. I would pay a premium to have a Target down the road! Nama is a nice store here that has a little bit of everything, but I miss casually shopping and buying inexpensive clothes.
  • Quick sit-down dinners. Meals in restaurants are a three- or four-hour affair. Yes, I like having time to chat with others and not being pestered by a server, but we have a little too much room and time here.

Can you tell I love lists? That hasn't changed. We are doing well and are SUPER excited for the months to come. One last list, for good measure.

What I am looking forward to in November:

  • Well, sort of November. Halloween is still a holiday for us Expats, so we have a party on Monday! I plan on dressing up, but I do not know my costume yet. Be on the lookout for pictures...
  • The Election being OVER.
  • The Marine Ball is two weeks away! I am still waiting on my dress to get here (*nervous sweating*), and I have no idea how I am going to do my hair, but it will be so much fun! I'm practicing my Wobble every day, don't worry.
  • Thanksgiving will not be the same, but I am ready for some FOOD. I LOVE the winter time, and it will feel a bit more like home to be surrounded by the holiday season.

I will be updating you with posts on this and more coming up! To get an email when new posts are on the website, sign up HERE! Thanks for checking in ;)

Love to all,