2017 Travel List for the Traveling Newbies

Traveling Newbies Travel List for 2017

Yes, 2016 was a year of adjustment for the Traveling Newbies. Just the name of our blog suggests we were getting started. We did get to travel to Slovenia, Italy and to one city on the Croatian coast.

But 2017 will be our big year of travel.

Where do we want to go, you ask? Here is a list of the places we really want to see in 2017.

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (on the coast, where King's Landing in Game of Thrones is filmed)
  • Split, Croatia
  • Krk, Croatia (one of the most famous Croatian islands)
  • London
  • Distillery Row in Scotland (all that scotch!)
  • Rome

I know there are other places we want to pass through or see, but those are definite items at the top of our list!

Where do you want to go? I hope you get to see at least one new place this year, even if it is close to home. It is so exciting discovering new places and creating new traditions.

Is there place in Europe we MUST see? Comment below!

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