Prosecco Road in Northeast Italy

Prosecco Road

One of our favorite agriturismo places sits on Prosecco Road, a series of scenic roads that run through wineries. I have talked about Ca' Piadera before (maybe too much), but on our last visit in September, we explored the area around it!

In Northern Italy lies a series of roads called Prosecco Road. A series of wineries, agriturismos and restaurants with homemade Prosecco can be found by following this path, and you can make a day or weekend of it! We only spent a Sunday exploring, but I recommend it to anyone who loves good food and fine wine.

Pro tip: do not go on a Sunday; most places are closed on the Holy day!

Prosecco Road in Italy

On the route, we saw a castle, a mountain and a Prosecco and Cycle race. Yes, a great combination indeed.

Great sights to see, delicious food and bubbly wine. A must-do indeed.

Love to all,