As a serial dieter, I have learned how to create a healthier diet - despite my hate for cooking. My first book in the Diet Isn't a Dirty Word series is about how I began the journey and which recipes make substituting easy at first.

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Career Coaching at Built by Books

As an avid reader, I use the wisdom of the best-selling non-fiction books to help women reach the next level in their careers through personal branding and career planning.


Houzz Contributor


huffington post contributor


Travel Blogging

Friends and family follow along as we travel the world on the Traveling Newbies blog.


portrait Photography

Create photographs for your business, mailings, professional social media pages and personal use.

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Guest Posts

Virtual Tour Across America | Kansas by Morgan Province

Logos and promotional material

Miss Columbus Pageant 2017 | Morgan Province
Planned the design and collaborated on the execution of this brochure for a non-profit.

Planned the design and collaborated on the execution of this brochure for a non-profit.


Senior Honors Thesis

During my senior year of college, I worked on a Communication Studies honors thesis that dove deeper into Communications Studies. Below you will read see the product of a year's worth of research, writing and presenting, called "Jersey Shore and Its Influence on Communication." The research and presentation won 1st Place at the Honors Thesis Symposium in 2011 at the University of Kansas.


Student Success orientation video

Marketing student services to first-year students. I co-wrote the script, developed the character images, voiced Sarah and assisted in editing.

The video was shown to all orientation classes throughout the summer of 2011.


communications manual for a non-profit

Last Fall, I was encouraged to join and volunteer after reading Arianna Huffington's book Thrive. On Catchafire, you can look for volunteer opportunities at non-profits, sometimes saving them thousands of dollars. I created a profile and was matched as a public speaking coach for a wonderful group. I created the Communications Manual below to help them engage with donors and grant selection committees.


Early Work

In college, many of my Journalism courses had class projects that produced articles, videos and campaigns. See some of that work here! One way I can improve my skills now is to go back and rework past projects.