Huffington Post Contributor

This past year, I have contributed to the Huffington Post to share my experiences with loss, career and travel. Here are links to my most recent articles:


The hubs and I have just embarked on an international career and life. To stay in touch and share our adventures, I have created a travel blog! First stop: Zagreb, Croatia. Keep up with us through our blog or my personal Instagram. To stay up-to-date on all of our adventures, sign up for our newsletter.


Only the best for the Westie obsessed. As a Westie momma and fan, I began sharing our photos and that of other adorable Westies. We feature a #WestieoftheDay on Instagram and share our favorite Westie gear and stories. Follow on Instagram, follow on Pinterest or like on Facebook to be just as obsessed as we are. My Favorite Westie has not officially launched yet, so to find out when we do please sign up here!


Read then lead. Ever since I was a kid, I have been a book worm. Into adulthood, my love of books has strengthened and expanded; I not only love fiction but I also enjoy reading personal development books. In my five-year sales career, development books not only helped me strengthen my skills; it also helped me strengthen my personal brand at my company. At Built By Books, we help women in business do the same thing! To learn more, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. To get access to our free resource library, log in here.


Demystifying the beauty aisle, one product at a time. As a morning grouch, I like to find hair and makeup routines that are low-maintenance, low time commitment. On The Beauty Trials, I share some of those quick beauty tips. Like on Facebook or follow on Pinterest!


I, like millions of other people, hop on a fad diet to prepare for some event in my life. Wedding, beach vacation, summer in general. Losing the extra weight is not done overnight. For the past year, I have used the Dukan Diet to get back to my true weight. It is common sense diet and exercise and actually saved us over $200 a month in groceries!  Follow the Dukan Diet information and recipes on Pinterest.