Dukan Diet True Weight Calculation

Dukan Diet True Weight Calculator by @morganprovince

In order to create a safe and practical goal for weight loss, it is important to figure out your true weight. Grab a pencil and paper to write down the answer to each step. (I tried mental math and it was ALL wonky.)

You will want to convert kilograms to pounds before the calculation and then at the end to see your true weight in pounds.


(Convert your weight from pounds to kilograms.)

1. Your highest weight, excluding pregnancies = A

2. The lowest weight you have ever been = B

3. Calculate (a + b) / 2 = C

4. The weight at which you have stayed for the longest in your life = D

5. The weight at which you would like to be: E

6. Calculate D + (E x 2) = F

7. Your height in meters = G

8. Calculate G x G x 42 = H

9. Calculate your base weight (C + F + H) / 6

(Convert answer from kilograms back into pounds.)

I stopped there, but there are other considerations you can calculate for your ideal or true weight. The Good Food Effect has them here, so feel free to get as specific as you can!

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