Diet Isn't a Dirty Word

Diet Isn't a Dirty Word - A free diet planning workbook

Okay, I am going to be straight with you - I love/hate diets.

Love them because they make my jeans fit better.

Hate them because once I am "off," I gain that weight back on.

The problem? A diet by its original definition is what you habitually eat. Diets were never meant to be temporary. Diets sustain life. Unfortunately, the food we now consume to sustain life no longer sustain a beach-ready body. My love for pasta and anything potato make my diet high in carbs, high in calories (but also high in YUM).

Diets now have the meaning of restriction, of pain, of gotta-lose-the-weight-so-I-can-look-good goals.

BUT, if we treated diets like the original definition, if we created a HABIT of eating right, we would never need to be on and off a diet. Our diet would be working for us.

So, to help you figure out what your "diet" should consist of, I created this little workbook. Diet is a cringe-worthy word nowadays, but it does not have to be. Diet is not a dirty word if you think of it as how you eat every day. When you eat well, you can splurge on pasta here and french fries there. Because your ENTIRE diet is balanced, healthy, CLEAN.

Simple Food Substitutes to Lose Weight

Simple Food Substitutes to Lose Weight