One Month Down, 23 To Go!

It is hard to believe we have already been living in Zagreb for over a month. The time has flown by, and our "settling in" has finally set in. Here are a few updates since the last time I wrote!

Feeling Like Home

Last week, we FINALLY got our home internet set up and our household goods delivered. We can now cook with our kitchenware, spices and utensils! Being connected to the world and surrounded by OUR things has made a huge difference. Our house is finally feeling more like home.

Our car should be ready next week, so I'll finally get to explore Croatia on my own in a car. I have loved taking the bus downtown, but I can actually get some shopping done with some wheels. We do have a rental car, but all rentals here are manual transmission (which I cannot drive). I know, I know, I should have learned long ago. But oh well, driving here is harder anyways so just let me get comfortable with the automatic!

I began my Croatian language classes this week, which I am excited about. Not only do I get the chance to study another language, but it will also help me as I continue to explore the city on my own.

Two weeks ago I joined the local International Women's Club, and through it I will be able to network and be social throughout the year. Last week I attended a book club meeting, and next week I get to try out the Business Club. Woot, a chance to nerd out in a new city!


Although I have not yet begun working as the US Embassy Roving Secretary, I have accepted a position as an English tutor for the French School! Basically, parents wanted their kids to get more exposure and practice with English, so twice a week after school I get to read to and play with 1st-4th graders. It's been several years since I have tutored elementary kids, but I am really excited to do it again. Bonus: it is only a twenty minute walk from my house, so I can get some exercise, too!

I have had several inquiries on photography sessions, which is a great start! Most want to wait for the leaves to change, so I have a feeling October will be busy. We just noticed today how the trees behind our house are beginning to turn Autumn colors.

And finally, now that we have Internet, I can work more on my blogs. I hope to have more exciting news on those in the future!

The Boys

Jameson and Guinness Hanging Out

In case you were wondering, the dogs are adjusting well! Guinness had a few bouts with allergies, but luckily a few steroid shots to the butt relieved his itching. They still sleep like newborns, so really not much has changed for them besides the location.

Before we left DC, I got into the habit of walking them three to four times a week. I have tried walking them a few times here, but the problem is that all of the neighborhood dogs like to bark manically at us as we walk by. I am still searching for the right time of day to take them out so we avoid a five-minute barkfest.

One funny observation about Zagreb, though, is that Westies are a popular breed here. It is not uncommon to see a Westie walking with its owner every time we go out into town. The boys are not such an oddity!


All in all, we are doing great. Our routines are finally taking shape, and we are starting to get more familiar with life abroad. Believe me, we still miss many things about home. But hopefully with functional internet for FaceTime dates, Amazon for our favorite "things" and active schedules to keep us busy, the opportunity to explore the world will outweigh the homesickness.

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Love to all!


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