There Is No Place Like Home

There Is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home. -Traveling Newbies

Dorothy says it best. "There is no place like home." All I did was click my tan boots and we were home. Sort of.

For our first year abroad, we decided to fly home for the holidays. I know Zagreb is wonderful during advent, but you can't beat being home for the holidays. And lucky for us, international flights are the cheapest in December :)

This is why you have not seen a blog post from me in a few weeks. I decided to take a break from travel blogging to just enjoy being home.

And when we go home, we are pretty lucky.

Our families all live within a 30-mile radius, so we can bounce back and forth without having to travel to much in between visits. Before we left, I even created a schedule of where we would be when. Yes, I am THAT person. Besides being the girl with the agenda, it also allowed our family to coordinate days off and family activities.

I was able to check off all of my "must-dos": Chick-fil-a, Target, Chinese food, Mexican food and a real breakfast! Bret did not get his Taco Bell, but the home-cooked taco bar we had was even better IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Besides all of the "American" stuff, we brought back a bit of Croatia to share. We had some of Croatia's finest chocolates and Bret took Croatian beer back for their annual beer tasting. This year was also the beginning of a tradition. Each year, we plan to bring (or send) an ornament from wherever we are living. My mom actually came up with the idea, and I think we will try to keep it going until we stop going.

Sadly our schedule did not align with a few of our friends who were also home for the holidays. Thank goodness for technology! (And let me know if you want to visit us in Croatia anytime...) If we have not set up a date to catch up yet, let's get this done before too much of 2017 passes us by, mmmk? Here are the many ways you can reach me.

Well, while home we visited, cuddled, got sick, ate too much food and brought home our favorite American staples (Velveeta and ranch). Saying goodbye is never easy, but we were happy to see our pups and sleep in our own bed.

Here's to a wonderful year full of love, adventure and lots of "luck."  ;)

Love to all,


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