Thanksgiving in Vienna

Thanksgiving in Vienna


For the long Thanksgiving weekend, the hubs and I decided to finally explore Vienna. As everyone has told us, it was amazing. The architecture was beautiful, our Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, the food was outstanding and the Christmas Markets were up and running!

Beautiful Walks

Vienna, Austria, is known for its architecture, art and music. It seemed that no matter which way you looked you saw some pretty building or ornate home. I hope to go back to take in a concert or play to really take in the essence of Vienna.


I highly recommend every restaurant we tried. On our first morning we enjoyed actual breakfast at Ulrich. I had a ragout that was outstanding, with one of the best cappuccinos I have had in months.

Our first dinner out (after the delicious Thanksgiving dinner, of course) was at a little French bistro called Beaulieu. Besides the slightly stinky cheese dip we shared (which actually grew on you the more you ate it...), the food was to die for. If you can't get a reservation for a meal, I recommend at least visiting to browse their selection of cheese, chocolate and wine.

Our last dinner was at a Viennese restaurant called Figls. Again, tasty food. They have traditional Viennese and Austrian food along with local beers and wine. The atmosphere is cozy and service is fast and prompt. In Europe, service is not like we are used to in the States so it was great to have a fully pleasant experience.

Christmas Markets

One thing I like about Vienna's Christmas Markets better than Zagreb's is that you can keep a souvenir mug. If you return it, then you get your deposit back. But with mugs shaped like boots, how can you not take them home?

We did not do much shopping, but I loved the variety of booths. And with a 30-minute walk, you can run into two or three different markets - pretty awesome.

You've probably already been told that Vienna is a must-stop on your European trip, but I concur with that advice. If you want a quaint little weekend or week with your family, Vienna would be a great destination. It's only four hours away from us, so I hope we can go again before we leave!

Love to all,


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