Easter and Anniversary and Work, Oh My!

Easter and Anniversary and Work, Oh My!

Sorry for not writing lately. That is my bad. You will soon read that I have been working a lot from home, plus we have not done anything too exciting lately.

But here is a little update!


Easter was always one of my favorite holidays at home. As kids, we always woke up to a fun basket with candy, ate delicious food at my grandparents' house and hunted for eggs in the year. Even as an adult, my grandparents would hide one egg for each person in tricky places in the house.

One of my favorite egg hunt memories was one of the hub's first Easter with my family. My husband is a smart man, but he could not find this egg for the life of him. I think he finally found it about an hour later, but the poor guy heard cracks about it for years.

Dying Easter Eggs is Fun for Adults, Too!

2017 was not our first year away from home for Easter, but it was our first abroad. We were invited for a brunch with friends, and we got to experience a new Easter tradition.

Each of us (adults, I might add) colored two eggs, let them dry, then fought them. Yes, we fought eggs. We drew our opponent, then the fights began. Here's how you played:

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who goes first.
  2. The first person chooses head (small pointer end of the egg) or butt.
  3. The second person holds his egg still in front of him with the end chosen by the person up.
  4. The first person then hits his egg against the egg of the second person.
  5. Whoever's egg does not crack wins that round.
  6. Turn the eggs over and the second person now gets to hit his egg while the first person holds the egg still.
  7. Again, whoever's egg does not break wins that round.
  8. If there is a tie, go a third round.


Obviously this year is loaded with "firsts abroad," and our wedding anniversary was one of them. April 13th was our 4-year wedding anniversary, and we decided to keep it simple.

Happy Four-Year Anniversary to Us!

We finally tried a restaurant we've passed a million times called Agava. It is a beautiful place on a little hill downtown. I had a traditional Damatinska pašticada, which is homemade gnocci with beef marinated in a brown sauce.

The hubs had a steak, and this is where a little difference in culture happened. He asked for medium and he even said pink and warm in the middle. What he got was a steak that was cold and purplish inthe middle. Our food was good overall, but we will keep trying more restaurants in town to find the real hidden gems.

One note though about wine. The local wine of Malvazija is delicious. It is a mild white wine that is often available by the glass, and any type I have had here has been delicious.

Working From Home

As I mentioned before in my Rihanna-inspired post about work work work work work, I have been working from home around twenty-five hours a week.

In March, I landed my first freelance client (wooooo) through Upwork. I work as a Virtual Assistant for a technology company that works in the design industry. (Abbey is one of the best in the biz, so to learn more about what VAs do check out her website!) So far, I love her, love what she is building and I enjoy the work so far! Part of my mission at this two-year post is to build my dream career, and I can definitely see this partnership being part of it.

After updating my LinkedIn to reflect my new role as a VA and freelance writer, a classmate from KU reached out to me about another writing opportunity! Are you familiar with the website Houzz? They are a huge online home improvement community, and get to write stories about beautiful room redesigns! To see my favorite ideas and the stories I've published so far, visit my profile.

Yes, I am still working on my startup projects. I have been sending out a career tip and book recommendation to my Built by Book readers every Tuesday #TipTuesday, and right now I am making over my professional Instagram page. I am almost ready to beta test my low carb eBook, and I am slowly figuring out my young adult novel.

Still no work on the State Department hiring freeze, but I hope to start the job I have there soon. I will let you know!

That is all for now! I hope to have some fun traveling updates soon.

Love to all,



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