The Charming Slovenian Capitol of Ljubljana

The Charming Slovenian Capitol of Ljubljana

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After visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia, twice now, I can safely say it is one of my favorite places to visit. There are many sites to see, food to eat and cocktails to drink. No, there is nothing crazy there like Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, but it is just the most charming place to spend a day.


The different bridges in this capitol city are part of the charm. You have a seemingly superfluous triple bridge (three right next to each other), a glass-sided bridge, a bridge with sculptures and locks and the dragon bridge.

Much of the pedestrian part of town flanks either side of the River Ljubljanica. So the bridges are a fun way to zigzag your way across the city center.


Most of Ljubljana's charm is in its architecture. The buildings and streets are just so darn cute. Initially the city was built with Roman influence, then over the centuries Middle Ages and Baroque styles were added to the cityscape.

Castle and Lookout Point

Ljubljana Castle was believed to built in the 11th century as a fortress. There are pieces of the fortress that give you clues as to what it was like in previous centuries with its previous uses, but the fortress is now used for sightseeing, tours, events and festivals. Today, while visiting you can take a break from walking to enjoy a coffee, meal or dessert.

Panorama of Lljubljana

Walking along the walls and up to the viewing tower are both incredible activities, though. There is a fee to get up to the castle itself and an additional fee to walk up to the highest tower, but I enjoyed both. On the street, you can buy a ticket for whichever you choose (general entrance or entrance + tower). You take a helix staircase up to the top of the viewing tour, but even that part was fun.

As with many European capitols, the sight of the city near a river surrounded by mountains is pretty amazing.

General Tips

Just a few traveling tips if you decide to make your way to Ljubljana.

The pedestrian area is a great way to the city, so parking is important. So far, I have loved using a public parking garage near the Asian Fusion restaurant called Da Bu Da. Just a five minute walk to one of the main walkways, plus the food at Da Bu Da is fantastic - many of our colleagues go to Ljubljana to eat Asian food then make a day of it.

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