A Three-Month Update - The Beginning of 2018

A Three-Month Update - The Beginning of 2018

Traveling Newbies Update

Why, hello. Long time, no blog post.

My apologies. I finally started my job as Co-Community Liaison Office Coordinator in February! Co-CLO, for short. After being hired a year ago, the freeze has thawed a bit, and now I work three days a week at the embassy. Woohoo!

My job is includes assisting new families with their transition to Zagreb, and supporting our embassy community while at post through events, education and advocacy. Read more about this State Department post program here.

Although this past year and a half has been about building my portable career, I wanted a part-time job at the embassy to feel more connected to the community and provide a bit of stable income.

On my days off I still work for my dream client and her business, and I am actually finishing up my time writing for Houzz. Bittersweet that it has to end, but it opens up the door for me to focus on Training and Developing women here in Zagreb and in the Foreign Service in general (more on that later).

Latest Happenings

Besides my new-ish job, not much else has been happening around here!

Romeo and Juliet Ballet in Zagreb

The Ballet

A month ago I enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet ballet here in Zagreb. Beautiful dancing, but I think the music was even more enchanting. The national theater here in Zagreb is such a beautiful venue, and we had amazing seats for the second act. So, so fun.


We also had our annual Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt! This year I actually helped put it on, and it was such a great event for everyone. Like last year, I snagged a photo with our Easter bunny. You are never too old to do that, right?

It is still hard to be away from our families during big, fun holidays like Easter. This year my mom video called me so I could say hello to everyone that morning! Technology does make it easier when living overseas.

Training & Development Specialist


You may have seen a few posts from me recently with new training, videos or news about my work! I created a short video with best practices for getting a job in the Mission when you are a spouse living overseas with the Foreign Service and a short tutorial on how to add a little flair to your emails with a customized signature.

My goal with this career? To help women in the Foreign Service or military who want to be leaders in their careers, and to empower local professional women to reach the next level in their careers.

Stay tuned for more fun updates this Spring!

Until then, love to all,


Lusaka: My First Time in Africa!

Lusaka: My First Time in Africa!

New Year's Eve in Zagreb, Croatia

New Year's Eve in Zagreb, Croatia