Our Newest Traveling Newbie is Arriving in May!

Our Newest Traveling Newbie is Arriving in May!

Friends and family,

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Yes, I had a big secret in that last Traveling Newbies update! As you can understand, we are extremely cautious with this pregnancy. But now that we are 27 weeks along (and in our last week of the Second Trimester!), I wanted to drop in and say hello - we are preggo :)

The Big Question - What Will We Name Her?

The answer: Earth Pig! Not really, but that is what we’ve lovingly been calling baby Province for now. It’s kind of a long story, but here it goes.

Each Friday morning, the hubs and I check the What To Expect app to see the size of fruit or veggie it says the baby is. One week, we somehow got down the rabbit hole of Zodiac signs, then Chinese Zodiac signs. We found out that not only were there 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, but that there were also elements associated with years. For example, I am an Earth Dragon and the hubs is an Earth Snake. (Guinness is a Metal Rabbit, for those still keeping track.)

So then what will our little Taurus be in terms of the Chinese Zodiac? She’s a little Earth Pig. I’m sure she will HATE hearing this story when she gets older, but we can’t seem to stop. So if you hear me refer to her as that pet name, you now know it is out of love. I mean, who really loves their parents’ pet names, anyways?

Sorry, that is not a real answer. We do have a name, yes, and we will share it when she makes her appearance. Until then, Earth Pig it is!

Pregnancy Week 9 vs Week 26.JPG

Am I Showing?

I know that I have been quiet on social media, so here is a Week 9 bump versus a Week 26 bump! Once Earth Pig arrives, I plan to write a fun article about the entire pregnancy with more bump photos.

Working from Home

The hubs and I haven’t been traveling as much as we expected since returning to DC, and Earth Pig is not the only reason why! I have also been working more from home. It’s been amazing finding more writing clients, and I plan to continue working from home after we move. I am still figuring out my own online business, but until then, I am enjoying my clients and flexible hours during my pregnancy.

A Traveling Baby Shower

Since we will not be home before Earth Pig arrives, we are not having a baby shower. We’ve had many people ask about registry, so you can find that here.

New Baby, New Adventure

Our plan is still to move to Athens, Greece, later this summer. So we will experience moving overseas and raising a tiny human all at once! We do hope you all stay in touch while we are overseas, taking advantage of the many ways to talk, text, or write to us. Let me know if you need our new contact info!

Until next time,


Traveling Newbies, Back in the States!

Traveling Newbies, Back in the States!