It Has Been Sew Cold

It Has Been Sew Cold

Hello, everyone!

It Has Been So Cold in Zagreb!

Has it been cold where you are? It has been FREEZING here in Zagreb the past two weeks, literally. We have only seen the sun a few times, and I can count on one finger the times we saw the thermometer rise above 0 degrees Celsius.

Speaking of freezing, quick update: yes, the government hiring freeze does affect me. Although I was hired with a conditional offer at the embassy, that is on hold. The government has not given us any direction to diplomatic missions around the world, but hopefully we hear soon. I interviewed for another job this summer, and they can't even call me back with a "you got it!" or "no" because of the freeze. My bigger fear is that Congress will act on its threat to cut security at US embassies - I hope they do not play with our safety like that. We are so fortunate to live in a safe city, but there are many embassy families who do not have that luxury.

Use your old pajamas as a pattern to make new ones.

On a lighter note, the cold weather has brought out my crafty side! I want to be a bum and stay in at night, so I have tried to break up my Project Runway marathons with different projects. I brought a few fabrics with me to play with, and last night I finally plugged in my Brother sewing machine to turn out a new pair of pajama pants!

After looking through a few articles on Pinterest, I settled on this one from The Seasoned Homemaker. Basically I used my favorite pajama pants as a pattern, cut the fabric, sewed it together and then made a waistband.

Pajama Pants for only $4!

Do any of our hobbies or passions return when the cold weather does? I'm always looking for new projects. Next up for me: sewing a half-circle skirt, a cross-stitch in a hoop frame and my first watercolor. Tell me what you are working on this winter!

Love to all,


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