A Night Out in Zagreb - Finally!

A Night Out in Zagreb - Finally!

A Night Out in Zagreb, Croatia

We finally had a big-person night out on the town! I may have mentioned before that Zagreb doesn't have much of a nightlife, but in reality I just think we haven't experienced yet.

In the past, we have met friends out in the evening, but this was our first night together and with a bigger group.

First, we went to Vintage Industrial Bar to see a Beatles cover band called Help. Funny enough, this band is from Portland, Oregon! When they spoke the first time, Bret and I looked at each other and said, "They sound super American!"

Help is on a European tour right now, and the Zagreb crowd was PUMPED. I was surprised at how crowded the venue was and how well everyone knew the songs! Of course if you attend a Beatles cover band you are going to be a fan, but man! I was a bit embarrassed how few of the songs I actually knew...

We enjoyed the concert for a bit but got tired of being bumped and sweaty, so we left for a bar downtown. Vintage Industrial Bar was a super cool venue, and I am sure we will eventually go back on a less crowded night. But with a big group like us, we wanted a bit more fun.

Out and about in Zagreb, Croatia!

We all grabbed Ubers and headed to Trg Ban Jelacic, the main square in Zagreb.

Side note: we LOVE Uber. We started using them in DC to ensure safe travel home at an affordable price in a convenient way. If you have never used them, basically you just order one on their app and pay for it through the app without ever having to worry about cash or a tip. Most big cities have the service, so check it out if you've never used them! (Use our invite code HERE to get your first ride of $20 or less free!)

There are tons of places to go near the square but we chose a bar the Marines really loved. We got there, and the DJ was fantastic, there was room to dance with elbows and we did not have to wait ten minutes just to order a drink!

Bret and I did not close the bar down. We are THOSE crazy kids, anymore. Croatians (and many other Europeans) stay out until 5 or 6 a.m., so we actually called it in early in comparison. Luckily, we woke up the next morning no worse than when I stay up to watch football or #kubball!

The weather is quite frigid right now, so I do not know how many more times we will go out in the next few months. But I look forward to discovering more Zagreb night spots! That way, if you travel to see us we have a place to take you out :)

Love to all,



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