About Croatia Part 2: FAQ

FAQ About Croatia

As we get closer to our move date, I want to follow up my About Croatia post with answers to the most frequently asked questions by family and friends. I hope it gives you a better idea of our future home and eases your minds as we begin our journey abroad!

Is Croatia and the area in which you will live safe?

With recent terrorists attacks in Europe, asking about our safety is fair enough. As with any travel, the chance of being a victim is possible but very rare - we refuse to let this fear keep us from living a full life abroad.

Civil disorder in Croatia is rare, according to the U.S. State Department. As with most countries, protests and public demonstrations may occur, but generally dangerous conflicts do not occur in Croatia. Small earthquakes and tremors are occasional, so we will keep that in mind as a possibility.

As a result of the Yugoslavia conflict in the mid-90s, some areas of Croatia are still being de-mined, but those places are clearly marked and will happily be avoided by this family!

Specifically in the capital of Zagreb, where we will live, it seems we will be safe. Public transportation is safe and crime rates are low, according to the U.S. OSAC agency.

Morgan, what are YOU going to do over there?

This is one of the most frequently asked question, for sure. Maybe because I have worked since I was 13 years old or maybe because we don't have a reason for me to be a "stay-at-home" mom yet, but people are curious how I will spend my time at our first post.

I wish I could give you a concrete answer. As you can see from my website, I am playing around with SEVERAL ideas. My goals in the first six months there are to get us settled, create a routine and pursue one or two business ideas. My hope is that I find a small business idea that I LOVE and that can bring in an income. Gotta keep stocking away for retirement, yo. I will keep you updated!

What is the temperature (and climate) like?

According to Wikipedia, Zagreb is moderately warm and rainy. According to people who have actually lived there, though, weather will be similar to our experiences in Washington, DC, and Kansas. We still get all four seasons, including a snowy winter and hot, beachy summer.

Like the U.S., there are variations of the climate depending on the location of the city in Croatia, so mountainous towns are cooler and southern, coastal towns are hotter. Sadly, I do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe - although, I have needed to "upgrade" some of my attire. My excuse for shopping? Goods, like clothes, are not as affordable in Croatia, so I better get it now!

Traveling Dogs

Can the dogs go with you?

YES! If you know me, you know moving without my pups would be like moving without my children. Luckily, we are moving to a country that allows imported pets and does not require a quarantine.

That being said, bringing the dogs abroad will not be easy or cheap. That has been one of the more complicated parts of our moving process. We are working with a company that specializes in pet travel, so we hope to iron out all of these bumpy, stressful wrinkles soon!

Is it modern there?

From what we have heard, Croatia is fairly modern, especially in urban areas. It may not be as modern as the U.S. or other European countries, but we will have our necessities and most of our luxuries. Croatia is part of the European Union, which makes it easier for the country to trade and grow within Europe.

Because of its economy, services in Croatia are relatively affordable compared to their goods. I hope this means massages and dog walkers are less expensive than the U.S., but this does mean we will probably get our favorite goods from Aviano Air Base and Amazon.com.

What do they speak in Croatia?

Many of the Balkan countries speak similar languages, but because of the different alphabets and unique dialects/vocabulary, each country tends to name their language after their country. For example, many know of Serbo-Croatian, but Serbia calls its language Serbian and Croatia calls its language Croatian. According to the Travel Channel, this distinction is very important to the citizens of those countries, so saying the correct word is important. We will be speaking Croatian, lol.

For a more depth look at the Croatian language, check out my previous post about it!

Where the HECK is Croatia?

Where Is Croatia on the Map?

As you may remember from my first couple of posts, I asked this same question when the hubs came home with the news.

Croatia is nestled among other Balkan countries (you can see a list of Balkan countries HERE). The term "Balkans" actually dates back to classical antiquities and is mentioned in old Greek mythology.

We are so lucky to be close to other amazing countries in Europe, including Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Travel is fairly affordable and simple, so we are short flights from other cool places, too.

When we can tell you more about our departure, I will share that info! To stay in-the-know, sign up for our newsletter (which emails you when a new post is uploaded)!

Love you all,

Morgan and Bret

We Are Moving...

We Are Moving...

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